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See the World's in a few clicks!

See the World's in a few clicks!

Kumar’s Hotels grants our users access to more than 5 million hotel, hostel and bed and breakfast deals and discounts worldwide to match all budgets. With a few clicks of your fingertip you can compare 1000’s of travel websites, including the world’s major hotel comparison websites like Expedia, Hotels.com, Venere, Laterooms, Travelocity and many many more…

How we can save you up to 80%?

on your booking

In an instant users are displayed the LOWEST and highest hotel rates for the same hotel from different holiday websites, therefore showing what it could of cost the user if they had not used our comparison site to save up to 80% on millions of budget, boutique, luxury and business hotels worldwide… Mumbai, Dubai, New Delhi, London, Brussels, Paris, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Durban etc…

How we can save you up to 80%?
Searching Hotels made easy

Searching Hotels made easy

Just enter your required destination and travel dates then click “Search” and let Kumar’s Hotels work it’s magic. Our hotel search engine will quickly compare hotel prices for you. Still can’t decide which hotel to stay book? Don’t worry, with over 40 million guest reviews, breath-taking photos and our easy to use filters we are assured you will find a hotel that SUITS YOU!

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